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Air Conditioner Overworked?

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Prevent sweltering in the “Dog Days of Summer”

If you grew up hearing the phrase, the “dog days of summer,” you are not alone. Did you ever wonder what it means? Most people now use it to mean a time of the year when the air conditioner is running nonstop – when dogs are so hot, they lie around, panting, because it is too hot to do anything else. In case you’ve forgotten your high school astronomy, the “dog days” originally referred to a time in late July when the “dog star” Sirius appeared just before sunrise. Here are a few ways you can help prevent the “Dog Days of Summer”:

Air Conditioner Struggling or Short Cycling?

If your air conditioner appears to constantly kicking on and off, if you have uneven temperatures in your home, or it feels stuffy indoors, call a professional. At Apollo Home, our certified heating and air technicians will gladly go over your equipment with precision to determine why it’s not performing the way it should. Prior to your appointment, there are a few things you can do. For example, if your air filter is clogged with dust and debris, you can change or clean it, depending on your model specifications. Walk around your outdoor unit, which is also known as the AC compressor. Trim vegetation so there’s a two to three feet buffer around the unit. Remove twigs, leaves or other yard clutter. These items can get sucked in the fan or at a minimum, impede air flow. Is your air conditioner more than 10 years old or only an 80 percent efficiency model? Ask Apollo Home for a free estimate to get your HVAC system up to date. Newer models can be rated as much as 98 percent efficiency, drastically improving your utility bills.    

Protect Your Air Conditioner with Apollo Care Plan

Every air conditioner has a job to do – to keep you comfortable. By conditioning the air, removing humidity and circulating the cooler, drier air, it keeps you and your family in a state of comfort and in some cases, safety. Help your air conditioner do its job by taking care of it with the Apollo Care Plan. Regular maintenance protects most manufacturers’ warranties and keeps your equipment working at peak efficiency. With the Apollo Care Plan, a tune-up of your major heating and air equipment is included twice a year. A service call for your air conditioner, for example, is recommended in the spring before the temperatures rise. A service call for your furnace is typically scheduled for the fall before winter arrives. At each visit, your NATE-certified technician will inspect, clean, test and lubricate all the relevant components of your system. He or she will look for any red flags, indicating overuse, energy loss, or in the case of combustion appliances, like furnaces, leakage of carbon monoxide gas. As a member, you’ll also receive an annual evaluation of your electrical and plumbing systems. It’s included in the plan, so if you have some concerns or if you’re not the first owner of your home, you can better understand its status.

Take the First Step – Contact Apollo Home Today

Call Apollo Home to learn more about air conditioner service, repair or replacement and our Apollo Care Plan. The plan is specially designed to preserve your home’s systems and to reduce quality time lost to inconvenient repairs. Our friendly uniformed technicians, plumbers and electricians are licensed, insured and thoroughly background checked for your peace of mind. They are industry-certified and receive ongoing training to repair any brand your home currently uses. They are always happy to answer any questions about their service process or how to care for your equipment. Know someone interested in becoming a home services professional? Successful applicants of the Apollo Apprenticeship Program receive paid training and support to become a professional HVAC technician. Graduates of the Apprenticeship Program finish with a career and no student debt. Call Apollo Home today!
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