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3 Options to Brighten Up Your Home’s Kitchen

post img A kitchen can be the focal point of your home. It can the spot where friends gather during dinner parties, your family dines during the week, and where you linger over a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. But for your kitchen to be the bright spot in your home, it needs to be a bright spot. The right plan for kitchen lighting will shed light on the areas that need a more intense focus, and those where a more subtle illumination will suffice. Overhead Lighting for Work Areas Your kitchen is a work space first, and kitchen lighting plans prioritize the area near the stove, sink, and island or food prep area. Hanging lamps or a chandelier are the most popular forms of overhead lighting for work and dining areas. Add a touch of your own style to these areas with mismatched shades, adjustable pendant lighting, or functional sculpture lighting fixtures. Under & Over-Cabinet Lighting Cabinets can free up counter space, but the dark areas they leave above and beneath them can make that cabinet space harder to use. Make the best of every inch of your kitchen with cabinet accent lighting. LED light pucks with adhesive backing are a good way to find out where you might want more permanent lighting installed. The LED lights provide sharp, focused lighting, whereas lighting strips offer a softer light with a broader focus. Recessed Lighting Recessed lights are a great kitchen lighting option for a softer glow that will serve dining areas and any kitchen area that is not a work space. For those with lower ceilings or tall friends, this will make your kitchen a more welcoming space and keep light fixtures out of the way. Try different colored bulbs and dimmer switches to create the right mood. While some lighting options, such as the LED pucks or colored bulbs, can be safely installed on your own, the others should be left to a licensed electrician. We’d love to hear your ideas for your kitchen. For more on your kitchen remodeling options, including lighting, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.
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