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When jiggling the handle doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to call Apollo for toilet repair or replacement. We will install new toilets and replace existing toilets.

Professional Toilet Repair Services

We understand that if your toilet stops working, it’s no small affair. Whether you’re suffering from a stubborn clog or a larger issue, our team of plumbing experts will ensure that your home’s toilets are running smoothly again in no time! We feel like we’ve seen it all when it comes to clogged toilets and repairs, and we have the industry know-how to bring you the fast, affordable, and effective solutions you need, right when you need them.

Call us if you need:

  • Clogged toilet repair
  • Toilet flush valve repair
  • Toilet flush valve repair
  • Running toilet repair
  • Toilet installation
  • Leaking toilet repair
  • Toilet flange repair
  • Toilet gasket replacement
  • Toilet flapper repair

Feeling ambitious? Run these tests on your own:

Toilet Runs Constantly

Remove the tank lid. Is the tank empty? Check to see if something is holding the round rubber flapper valve in the bottom of the tank open. It could be a snarled flush chain you can untangle yourself, or the valve itself may have deteriorated and fallen to pieces. Is the tank full and is water pouring down the round overflow tube? That’s a sign of a defective fill valve — usually something you’ll want a plumber to handle.

Toilet Runs On and Off Intermittently

Often caused by slow seepage from the tank into the bowl. Put a few drops of food coloring in the tank. Wait an hour, then check and see if you see coloring in the bowl. This indicates a leaky flapper valve. Replacement is usually the fix. Alternatively, sometimes a defective fill valve may actuate intermittently, as well.

Weak or Partial Flushes

Usually a problem with the flapper closing too soon. If there’s too much slack in the operating chain, the flapper may not open fully, then close too quickly, without releasing enough water from the tank. Take off the lid, push the flush handle and observe operation. The flapper should stay open until about 80% of the water in the tank has flushed into the bowl. If not, take up a few links of slack where the flush chain attaches to the flush handle and try again. Another cause is a deteriorated, water-logged flapper. Replacement by a plumber is advised.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toilet Repair

When it comes to toilet troubles, we feel like we’ve seen and heard it all. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the most common questions we receive from homeowners throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky about toilet repairs.

Why does my toilet fill up frequently?

If your toilet keeps refilling and running, there’s a good chance you have a leak, and a lot of times, the flapper is the culprit. If your flapper is degraded or the chain is too short, water seeps into the bowl and the fill valve cycles on as soon as the float falls below the cutoff level. If you’re dealing with a leak rather than a flapper problem, you’ll likely see water on the floor around your toilet. Whatever the problem is, the highly qualified team at Apollo Home can identify it and provide prompt repairs!

Are chemical drain cleaners safe for my toilet?

No! Chemical drain cleaners can produce enough heat to melt pipes or crack porcelain toilet bowls if left too long. Even if the bottle claims to be safe on pipes, it isn’t worth the damage it will do to your plumbing system. Chemical drain cleaners simply can’t differentiate between your pipes and your clog, meaning they will eat away at both, leaving you with major plumbing problems.

What should I not flush?

When it comes to your toilet, your best rule of thumb is to stick to the basics: toilet paper and human waste. It may be tempting to toss in that tissue or hairball every now and then, but your pipes (and wallet) will thank you for showing restraint.

Don’t see the answers you need? Don’t worry! Our team is eager to answer any questions you have about our premium toilet services! Give us a call at (513) 268-8400 or contact us online today to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable customer service experts! 

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Choosing to Replace or Install a Toilet?

When planning your bathroom remodel, don’t forget the toilet. These vital fixtures are solid, long-lasting and generally require only minor repairs, such as replacing the flapper or fill valve. Existing toilets tend to become a permanently installed part of a house for decades.

Unfortunately, the excessive water usage typical of older toilets and the high water bills with it also become a permanent fixture. Planning your bathroom remodel is a perfect time to think about replacing old toilets with a newer model designed for efficiency and economy.

Toilet-flushing is the single most water-intensive activity in most homes and accounts for over 30 percent of total household water consumption. Toilets made before the 1980s may use up to seven gallons of water per flush (GPF.) Many are still on the job and still wasting water. Later models from the 1990s cut GPF in half.

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Is your toilet not working well? We repair all brands and models.

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