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Is it Time for a New Furnance in Your Cincinnati Home?

post img Pinpointing the best time to replace your furnace isn’t necessarily a cut-and-dry decision, sometimes typical of decisions related to heating and cooling installations in Cincinnati. Because this climate can be extremely cold in the winter, heating systems work hard. Sometimes replacement is a clear-cut necessity, but more often, it’s a combination of its performance, heating costs, and your comfort that may prompt an upgrade. Here’s how to tell if you need a brand new heating installation in your Cincinnati home.
  • The furnace is more than 15 years old. As mechanical systems age, they experience wear and tear, and their energy efficiency starts to drop. Although a new furnace requires a financial investment, it’s one that will pay you back in lower heating costs.
  • Your heating bills keep rising without an appreciable change in the weather or your comfort preferences.
  • The furnace starts making strange noises inside the blower compartment. They can signal motor or heat exchanger failure.
  • The furnace needs frequent repairs. When the mechanical and electrical parts inside the furnace need to be replaced with some frequency, it’s time to consider a heating and cooling installation in Cincinnati. Not only is the lack of heat uncomfortable while you wait for a repair or the replacement parts, the investment in new parts and labor may not be worth it, especially if your heating bills keep rising.
  • It has signs of rust or a cracked heat exchanger. Any sign of rust inside the blower compartment is a red flag that replacement may be imminent. If your carbon monoxide (CO) detectors go off after the furnace starts or shortly after it stops, call your HVAC contractor immediately after turning off the furnace. A cracked heat exchanger may be emitting CO in to your air.
  • Lack of professional maintenance or running your system with a dirty air filter can crack this vital part. A cracked heat exchanger almost always requires a furnace replacement, unless a warranty covers parts and labor for repairs.
If you suspect it’s time for a new heating and cooling installation in Cincinnati, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, providing trusted HVAC services since 1910.
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