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Whole-Home Surge Protection for Cincinnati Spring Storms

post img Every year, spring storms cause extensive damage in Cincinnati without home surge protection. Lightning strikes have the potential to send a surge of electricity through your home’s electrical system. Without proper protection and the right electrical services, surges have the ability to fry vulnerable appliances. Whole-home surge protection installed by Apollo Home keeps your HVAC system and other appliances safe from spring storm electrical spikes. Learn the benefits of whole-home surge protection installation below.

Electrical Services for Whole-Home Surge Protection

From a spring storm or an in-home source, electrical surges cause damage to anything connected to your electrical system. Whole- home surge protection provides protection against electrical current spikes for your entire home. Think of it as similar to a surge protector you plug into the wall except it covers all your home’s outlets on a much larger scale. Sudden electrical spikes occur during lightning strikes. A strong surge in electricity has the power to render expensive appliances like your heating and cooling systems dead. Additionally, the minor spikes which originate from your home’s own appliances when they kick on cause damage as well. These can reduce the useful life of the appliances and electronics on the receiving end. Installation of whole-home surge protection using professional electrical services protects these valuable items. Think, for a moment, about all the items you may have plugged in at any one time. Do you have a home office? How many members of your family have laptops, gaming systems, chargers or other electronics plugged in?

How Whole-Home Surge Protection Works

Apollo Home electrical services installs whole-home surge protection to cover your entire Cincinnati home.  The protection protects the following areas of your home’s electrical system:
  • Electrical services entrance
  • Main electrical panel
  • Distribution and subpanels
  • Wall outlets
  • Equipment plugged into wall outlets
Whole-home surge protection is installed with your circuit breaker panel. It delivers protection from electrical surges to each circuit in the home, as well as phone, cable, and data lines. This comprehensive surge protection prevents damage to major appliances, smaller devices that are plugged in, and your home’s electrical system.

What to Do During a Spring Storm Without Surge Protection

If you do not have whole-home surge protection, use these tips to help stay safe during spring storms:
  • Do not use corded phones or plugged in electrical devices during a storm. Surge currents may travel through the electrical system, resulting in a shock to the user.
  • Unplug your electronic devices to protect them from damage in the event of a power surge.
  • Stay away from exterior walls, windows, and doors during a lightning storm. Keep all windows and doors shut.
  • Do not take a shower, bath or do the dishes during a storm. Water conducts electricity, remember. Electrical charges are able to travel through your plumbing system’s metal piping. This ultimately puts you at risk of shocks if you use water at this time.
  • Do not go outside for at least 30 minutes after you see the last lightning strike. By then the storm has passed and it is safe to go outdoors.

Whole-Home Surge Protection: One of the Many Electrical Services from Apollo Home in Cincinnati

Prevent costly damage and system outages with electrical services from Apollo Home. Professionally-installed whole-home surge protection keeps your appliances, both major and minor, safe from spring storms. Our team of licensed electricians also help with projects such as GFCI installation, outdoor and indoor lighting, ceiling fan installation, electrical panel upgrades and whole-home re-wiring. Know an electrician looking to join a successful company? We’re always looking for great people as well as those interested in getting paid to learn a trade through our Apollo Apprenticeship program.   Contact us today for a free estimate covering whole-home surge protection installation or any other electrical services.
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