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A Step by Step Guide to Sealing Attic Air Leaks

post img As you prepare for another cold Cincinnati area winter, it’s time to start thinking about ways to save on your winter heating costs. Since heat rises, the attic is one of the best places to start. Here are some tips for sealing attic air leaks to prevent losing heat through your attic:
  1. Survey your attic from below. Places where your ceiling height changes — from raised ceilings to dropped ceilings to slanted ceilings — are prime areas for attic air leaks. Make note of these places and take extra care to check them when you go into your attic.
  2. Conduct a pressure test. Seal your house completely and place an inward blowing fan in one window. When you go into your attic, you’ll be able to feel the air leaving and mark those areas for repair.
  3. Fill large open spaces with insulation. If there are gaps between studs, fixtures or places where the ceiling changes height, fill them with insulation. These areas are one of the biggest sources of attic air leaks.
  4. Fill in the small spaces with foam. Once you’ve filled in the large gaps, use expanding foam to fill any remaining cracks to ensure a tight seal. Be sure to cover areas where pipes and vents go through the walls or ceiling.
  5. Insulate the attic door. This is often one of the thinnest areas of the attic which makes them another prime target for attic air leaks. Add insulation around the door and attach weather strips along the edges for a tighter fit. If you don’t walk on the door, you can also add a layer of insulation on top of it.
  6. Add carbon monoxide detectors. Now that your house is more airtight, be sure you’re using carbon monoxide detectors with working batteries to keep your family safe from potentially toxic buildups of carbon monoxide gas that may have previously vented out through your attic air leaks.
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