Our Customers Say It Best

“Overall, our experience was outstanding. The Apollo Home representative arrived on time, viewed the work to be done, estimated the cost including discounts then proceeded with the work intended.” – Edward, Cincinnati

“The staff is not only professional, but they are also ‘just nice folks’— a pleasure to work with. The whole operation went exactly as it was advertised in the folder I was given prior to the installation.” – Valarie, Hamilton

“The technician allowed our 4-year old, Braden, to be his assistant all day! He was very patient and kind with him.” – Caroline, Cincinnati

“I chose Apollo Home for several reasons- it is an older company, it has a good reputation, it is local and the personal attention I received when they assessed my old home and its needs. The servicemen did a great job with the installation and worked diligently to complete the job.” – Kimberly, Cincinnati

“My entire experience with Apollo Home has been very good. The sales team was eager to ensure everything went well, and all of the technicians were knowledgeable and courteous.” – Mike, Mt. Lookout

“Everybody went out of their way to get the job done right. From the salesman to the installers, there were several obstacles that arose and they handled them like the professionals that they are.” – Jerry, Fairfield

“We got bids from four different vendors and went with Apollo Home because the staff was courteous and knowledgeable. The work was done well without major disruption of our activities.” – Margo, Hyde Park

“Our technician worked under adverse conditions while installing our furnace. We had no electricity due to the wind storm the day before. The only light he had was from a small basement window. He worked until the installation was finished without any breaks, not even for lunch. I did not think anyone would come that day, but he showed up at 7:30 a.m. He is a valuable employee.” – June, Fairfield

“At a time when mediocrity and indifference are the norm, Apollo Home sets a standard for others to observe and learn.” – Richard, Kenwood

“A technician was sent to clean our furnace. With his thorough evaluation, he found a crack in the bowl, which we are very grateful for.” – Robert and Verna, Cincinnati

“We are very grateful to you. You saved our lives. It proves the simple fact that routine maintenance finds serious problems, and in our case it was found in time. We can’t thank you enough!”— Dave and Debbie, West Chester

“I was impressed with the quality of service I received. I don’t often see such dedication to the job and such quality of work at completion. Both technicians worked steadily for 10.5 hours with no breaks, not even for lunch! The installed equipment is working well and there was no mess to clean up when they left. I’m very satisfied.” – Barbara, Cincinnati

“We asked if the heat pump was just sitting on the support posts, and our technician informed us that it was and the old one also was. Even though he had been working for over 10 hours, he still got a piece of metal strapping and attached the heat pump to the support post. I appreciate that he went above and beyond what he needed to do!” – Sue, Sharonville

“I wanted it to be known that Apollo Home was very helpful throughout the whole process. They were very honest and willing to take the time to work with an 81-year old widow. They explained every detail and even checked on me once things were completed.” – Alice, Cincinnati

“The technicians did an excellent installation job. They were very courteous and answered all of my questions and concerns. They even left the installation area cleaner than before!”

“I cannot speak highly enough of the team that came to replace our old furnace and air conditioner. All the work was done in a timely manner and the men were pleasant and courteous. Apollo Home came out to program the new unit and made sure we understood the operation of the new system.”— Rita, Turpin Hills

“I had a difficult installation given the small space in the attic for my air handler. In fact, Apollo Home had to get a different unit and do some creative work to get one in there. They were great!” – Chris, Cincinnati

“This was a bear of a job- getting rid of our 1970’s Williamson Furnace, putting the new one in and then trying to seek life out of the air conditioner for one more summer. Our technician was on the job from start to finish and did a great job!” – Mary, Hyde Park

“Our technician installed a new furnace. He was great! He knew what he was doing, was very courteous and supplied us with a couple of electric heaters to keep us warm while waiting. He left our house in clean condition.” – Lois and Raven, Loveland

“Apollo Home provides excellent service, which is why I have used your company for 23 years.”— Colleen, Montgomery/ Kenwood

“Yesterday marked another milestone in the history of my 1859 house- I got to turn on the air-conditioning system your company recently installed in the upstairs rear, kitchen, office and breakfast room areas. It is fantastic!” – Valerie, Hamilton