Have you ever wondered how the thermostat located on the first floor can accurately read temperatures on your home’s second floor? You likely already know that it can’t, as people with multi-level homes commonly deal with varying temperatures. The zoning system offers a unique solution to the problems that single-thermostat, multi-level homes experience. Learn if your home is a good candidate for a zoning system.

Homes with more than one floor commonly experience two primary problems:

  • A single thermostat reads the temperature in the area directly around it, and it’s most often placed on the first floor in a central location, often a hallway or living room. This thermostat can never accurately serve the temperature needs of the second floor.
  • Because heat rises, two-story homes have inherent comfort problems. In winter, the second floor is often warmer because of the rising heat and requires less heating than the first floor. In summer, the opposite result occurs. Because heat rises, the second floor requires more cooling than the first floor to overcome thermal differences.

The zoning system resolves these problems by retrofitting a single furnace and air conditioner combination unit so that it can adjust output to various areas of the home. Here’s how it works:

  • The home is grouped into zones with similar thermal needs.
  • Dampers are installed in the ducts to adjust output to each corresponding zone.
  • Each zone is wired to a thermostat.
  • The thermostat sends a signal to the motorized damper when heating or cooling is needed.
  • The damper opens to deliver conditioned air and closes when the zone reaches the temperature setting.
  • Other zones can continue to receive as much conditioned air as necessary, and the corresponding dampers close only when the thermostat reading meets the temperature setting.

Zoning systems offer a low-cost, precise way to manage the differing thermal needs of multi-story homes. Homeowners who opt for this system also incur additional benefits like energy savings and a longer system life span.

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