If you’re looking for a way to make your family happy while saving money, a zoned heating and cooling system could be ideal for your greater Cincinnati home. Let’s take a look at how a zoned heating and cooling system works.

What does zoning actually mean?

Most likely, you have a central heating and cooling system that is designed to heat or cool your home at one temperature — say 68 degrees in the winter. But most homes don’t have just one temperature. A living room with inefficient windows and a northern exposure might be much cooler — say 64 degrees — in the winter than bedrooms on the south side of the home, which might be a far warmer 70 degrees. So, in fact, this home has at least two and probably more temperatures. Few, if any, of the temperatures might be ideal.

As its name implies, a zoning system works by separating your home into individual zones, which you and your HVAC contractor determine. Dampers in your duct system are designed to open and close according to each zone’s temperature setting.

Comfort and financial benefits of zoning

A major advantage of a zoning system is the energy efficiency it affords. Each zone can be heated or cooled to its own specific requirements. You won’t be overheating or overcooling some parts of your home to keep other parts comfortable. This means you won’t be paying as much to heat or cool your home.

Just as important, a zoned system can keep each member of your family more comfortable. If you like your home office to be cool while your spouse likes his or her area to be warmer, you can have a separate zone for each space. Or if you have an elderly family member living with you, his or her suite could be warmer than the other bedrooms.

You can optimize your zoned heating and cooling with programmable thermostats that will automatically raise and lower the temperature in each space as needed. In the winter, for example, the temperature in your bedrooms can be lowered in the morning and set to rise again just before bedtime.

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