Winter damage to area homes isn’t uncommon considering the storms and harsh weather we experience in Southwest Ohio. Not all damage is as obvious as a tree branch crashing through your roof, though. Checking your home for damage before the warm weather arrives helps prevent minor problems from becoming major ones.

  • Damaged gutters — Gutters and downspouts that are loose, leaky or out of place can drain water straight into your basement or crawl space, causing basement water damage and encouraging mold growth. Prevent this by ensuring your gutters are clean, free from leaks, and aligned to drain away from your foundation.
  • Sunken spots — To prevent flooding and pooling water, as well as reduce mosquito breeding spots, fill any sunken areas along your foundation with soil.
  • Shifted concrete — Inspect the concrete slab under your air conditioner or heat pump and any other concrete for cracks or signs of shifting. Repair cracks with a concrete crack filler and polyurethane sealant or silicone caulk.
  • Frost-damaged fittings — If the water pressure from your outdoor hose bib is so weak you can stop the water with your thumb, it’s a sign the interior pipe is leaking and you’ll need to replace the pipe.
  • Deteriorating wood — Snow and frost can cause wood to swell, crack, and crumble. Use a sharp object to gently probe your wood doors, window trim, railings, and deck for winter damage.
  • Ruined shingles — Standing on the ground, take a close look at your roof for shingles that are missing, loose, cracked or otherwise damaged. Summer heat will only exacerbate this damage, so now’s the time for repairs. Call a roofer to examine the metal flashing around your plumbing vents and chimneys, which can leak if damaged.
  • Chimney damage — Look over the exterior of your fireplace chimney for damaged bricks or leaning.
  • Air conditioner issues — To prepare your air conditioner for the cooling season, call a heating and cooling professional for an annual cleaning and tune-up.

For advice on identifying winter damage or help making repairs, contact us at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing anywhere in the Greater Cincinnati Ohio.

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