For the greater Cincinnati area, the many benefits of window washing in summer begin with the beautiful views opened up to you by sparkling clean glass. But the benefits of window washing do not end there. Some less obvious advantages to clean windows can actually boost your home’s energy efficiency, saving you money this summer. 

Neat and Tidy, Inside and Out

Professionally cleaned windows give your house a well-kept appearance, showing your sense of pride in your Cincinnati area home. Not only will the outside of your home be more attractive, the inside will, too, as clean windows cast no shadows on your home’s interior from pet noseprints, water deposits, or dust and grime. Your home will be more inviting to guests and more livable for you and your family.

From outside, shiny windows show that you are proud of your home’s upkeep, maintaining your property value. From within, the windows form a visual backdrop to your clean and tidy home. Windows smudged with fingerprints or caked with dust detract from your interior décor.

On Schedule

To achieve the benefits of window washing, have your Cincinnati area home’s windows professionally cleaned monthly, especially during the dry, dusty summer when family and friends are outdoors more and your home is brightly lit during longer days. Not only will regular, monthly cleaning keep your home looking good, it actually may save you money in the long run.

Energy Efficiency

One side effect of living near a big city these days is the acidic rain that can fall. This sulfuric acid on windows not only can make them look dingy but also slowly etch the glass and attack the metal frames. Delaying the costs of future window replacement is another of the benefits of window washing.

Clean windows also help avoid water infiltration and air leaks. When neglected windows build up dirt and debris in their horizontal tracks, the windows may not close and seal properly. Your expensively cooled summer air conditioning can escape through these drafty windows. Warm and dirty outside air, as well as rainwater, can seep in.

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