Gutters play a critical role in preventing water damage from occurring to your home, basement, or property by channeling all rainwater from your roof and disposing of it in the proper location.

Over time, gutters may become obstructed with debris and dead leaves, and as a result, need to be unclogged and cleaned. Ensuring that your gutters are kept clear is an important part of preventing future damage. However, cleaning gutters isn’t always an easy task. Below are several reasons why it’s important to consider hiring a professional to unclog gutters.

Safety Issues

Unclogging gutters can be a dangerous job. Climbing a ladder and performing roof work can lead to severe accidents if you do not have the necessary training and experience.

Also, gutter cleaning is when you often discover other hazards, such as bees or wasps nests. Jeopardizing your safety for a minor cost savings isn’t worth the risk. Professional gutter cleaners have trained for safety and often have years of experience.

Health Risks

Because gutters and downspouts contain debris and rainwater, they are a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Furthermore, they often contain many allergens that could cause minor to severe allergic reactions. Professionals make it a point to wear protective equipment that limits their exposure to any harmful materials that may be stored in your gutters.

Time and Efficiency

Gutter cleaning is a time intensive job that should be performed twice a year: once in the early spring and once in late fall. The job requires several tools and materials including a ladder, cleaning substances, and safety gear. Because a trained professional comes equipped with the materials, skills, and experience, they’re able to ensure the job is done most efficiently in a fraction of the time.

By hiring a professional to unclog gutters, you can ensure the job is done quickly, safely, and efficiently. For more information on keeping your gutters clean, call Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing today!