Professional boiler repair in Cincinnati is generally called for whenever you notice changes in the system’s heating performance or energy efficiency, or see visual signs of component failure like leakage. Boiler heating involves high temperatures, pressure and flammable natural gas. For safety reasons, options for do-it-yourself diagnosis are very limited. Making sure the system is turned on at the thermostat, set to the proper temperature and bleeding air out at individual radiators when needed is generally the only recommended recourse for the average homeowner. If boiler heating problems persist, call for professional boiler repair in Cincinnati.

Here’s a rundown of typical boiler symptoms that require the expertise of a qualified boiler technician:

  • No heat at all. Could be air in the system, failures of valves or circulation pump, loss of water level or thermostat issues.
  • Signs of water leakage. There are numerous potential sources of water leaking in a boiler system. Some are inexpensively resolved; others may mean major component failure.
  • Unusual noises. Generally speaking, a boiler system should operate silently. Rumbling, banging, whistling and gurgling sounds usually mean a problem somewhere, but it takes a trained boiler technician to determine exactly what and how serious it is. For example, build-up of mineral deposits in the boiler or air getting into the system are common causes of noisy operation.
  • Pilot light won’t stay lit. This could be a defective thermocouple shutting off the gas supply. It’s a safety issue that should only be addressed a qualified professional.
  • Low water pressure. All boilers require a certain minimum water pressure. If pressure drops below that level, a safety cutoff switch will automatically turn off the boiler. Potential issues that cause low pressure can range from leaks to air in the system to problems in the expansion tank.
  • Radiators not fully heating. Air in the system due to a number of possible causes and/or sludge build-up could be responsible. A full system bleed, as well as chemical flushing, may be required.

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