Your home should be a comfortable haven, but if anyone in your family suffers from allergies, exposure to everyday household substances can make life miserable. Learning what may be triggering allergies inside your home and taking steps to remedy the problem can help:

  • Dust mites – These eight-legged insects aren’t visible to the human eye, but they can thrive in bedding, carpets and on upholstered furniture. Since they need moist air to survive, maintaining an indoor humidity level below 60 percent is the key to keeping them in check. You should also switch to allergy-proof pillow and mattress covers, and launder bedding and blankets once a week in hot water. Getting rid of carpeting in the bedrooms can help too.
  • Family pets – A protein in pet urine, saliva and dander is what causes allergic reactions. You can reduce exposure to this common allergy trigger by bathing pets often and dusting and vacuuming the living areas regularly. Don’t allow pets into the home’s bedrooms, and keep them off upholstered furniture.
  • Plant pollen – At certain times of the year, plant pollen floating in the outdoor air can make its way inside a home through open windows. It can also get tracked in when you enter and exit, and get carried in on clothing, footwear and pets. Running the A/C during pollen season instead of opening windows and doors can reduce the misery caused by this allergy trigger. After being outdoors, change your shoes and clothing, and wipe down or bathe family pets.
  • Mold – It’s not possible to rid a home of mold spores because they’re in the air and on most surfaces. But since they need a warm, moist environment to flourish, you can prevent mold growth by controlling indoor humidity levels. Use vented exhaust fans and run a dehumidifier to keep humidity in check in moisture-prone areas, such as the basement and bathrooms. If you discover minor mold growth, use a solution of five-percent bleach to kill it.

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