Homeowners concerned about indoor air quality, namely bioaerosols like bacteria or mold, should consider using ultraviolet (UV) lights in their ductwork.

UV lights target bioaerosols, a specific class of contaminants that include microorganisms, and some odors. Learn how these lights work to improve air quality and give your HVAC system’s efficiency a boost.

The two primary benefits UV lights offer include driving indoor air quality up while protecting the heating and cooling system from contaminants. Ultraviolet lights installed in the ducts work with the HVAC system to purify the air. As the heating or cooling system conditions the air, the air flowing out the return-duct system moves through the lights. The cells of the microorganisms are exposed to the powerful UV rays, which essentially sterilize the cells, rendering them incapable of reproducing. Cleaner air then circulates through the home and the HVAC system.

Air circulation in the average home depends on the furnace blower or air handler running. The more often it runs, the more often the air will move through the system and be exposed to the UV lights. On average, in most homes, air circulates through the HVAC system 75 times each day. With every pass through the lights, more and more viruses, mold spores, bacteria and odors will be destroyed. Homeowners who run a ventilation system throughout the day can ensure 24/7 air circulation without having to also run the furnace or air conditioner to purify the air, as the ultraviolet lights are active at all times.

Isn’t the air filter installed in my HVAC system enough? Not necessarily. Air filters are designed to trap particles, not microorganisms. With ultraviolet lights installed in the ducts, you can also target mold and pollen, pet odors, viruses and bacteria.

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