Decorative molding adds character and can dress up your room, emphasize a certain design style or finish a look. Various types of molding and trim can be found around windows and doors, around the top or bottom edge of a wall or even toward the middle at chair-back height.

If you’re thinking of adding different types of molding and trim, you have a world of choices to compliment the décor of your greater Cincinnati home. Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • Baseboards generally measure three to five inches and are found at the base of walls, where the wall and floor meet. The baseboard is often finished with rounded trim.
  • Crown molding highlights the area where the wall and ceiling meet. Also known as cornice molding, it’s sometimes coordinated with your fireplace mantel.
  • Chair railing was originally intended to protect chairs from leaving a mark when bumping against the wall. Also used as a decorative feature, chair rail often marks the transition between paint and wallpaper.
  • Picture railing, around an inch or two wide, runs around the walls at about nine feet (or a little less) from the floor. As the name implies, this railing is useful to hang wall art without nailing directly into the wall.
  • Casing runs around the edge of doors and windows, covering the unfinished wall edges. It’s typically about two to three inches wide.
  • Cove molding is concave, often used to gracefully blend wall and ceiling surfaces into one another. It’s occasionally used in a staircase, at the transition from risers to treads.

Many unique looks can be created with the various types of molding and trim available. Trim may be relatively thin and subtle, wide and intricately carved or some combination of these attributes. Molding can be painted the same color as the wall or in a closely related shade, or try a contrasting tone for a bolder statement.

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