To many people, plumbing can be at once simple and rather frightening. You expect that when you turn on a faucet, the water will go on; when it doesn’t, panic can ensue.

Hiring a plumber who can install a faucet with ease and who is also up to the myriad challenges of a home upgrade can be a simple and calm procedure for you — if you have a plan:

  • Clarify your plumbing needs. If you’re installing a new bathroom, for example, write down the fixtures that you desire and the size of the room. If your upgrade requires breaking down a wall, find out if you need a permit.
  • Create a call list for your plumber research. Next to each company, leave space for the plumber’s hourly rate, whether he is licensed, bonded and insured and the all-important references.
  • Confirm the status of the plumber’s license. The Ohio Construction Industry Examining Board can be reached at 614-644-3493.
  • Make at least three phone calls to references supplied by the plumber. Take this process a step further before hiring a plumber by asking for the contact information of a difficult customer or one whose job was fraught with problems. Talking to these people might give you valuable insight into how the plumber conducts himself under trying circumstances.
  • Meet the plumber and ensure that you can develop a good rapport with him as your home upgrade proceeds. He should be available to answer questions and be happy to give you a means to reach him after hours, just in case of an emergency.
  • Read the contract carefully and be sure that it spells out the scope of the work, the anticipated start and finish dates and the project’s cost. Be clear on the payment terms. Clarify that you will purchase the plumbing fixtures (to save money).

Jump-start the process of hiring a plumber by calling Apollo Home Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We guarantee that we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your home upgrade proceeds smoothly and efficiently. Put your mind at ease and call us for an appointment today.

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