In an effort to make homes safer for children, the 2008 National Electrical Code requires that new homes, apartments and residential remodels install tamper-resistant electrical outlets (TR). If you’re remodeling or simply upgrading your wiring and outlets, you may need electrical services in Cincinnati to bring your home up to date. The new code applies to all homes, regardless of the presence of children.

Why the Change

While child-resistant covers for electrical outlets have been available for some time, many children learn how to remove them. The plastic plugs in use represent a serious choking hazard, and children can quickly learn to slide the swivel covers. Since curiosity is the hallmark of childhood, thousands of kids insert objects into the outlets each year, resulting in serious burns, shocks, and in the most serious cases, death.

How TR Outlets Work

The outlets use a spring-loaded plate that’s unlocked only when an electrical plug is inserted. Inserting a single wire, paper clip, knife blade, or knitting needle won’t move the plate that covers the contacts inside the outlet. They’re much more fool-proof than the plastic plugs or swivel plates because it requires more skill and strength to insert plugs, something that young children haven’t developed.

Changing the Existing Outlets

If your home is older, it’s a good idea to use electrical services in Cincinnati to change your outlets to those that are tamper-resistant. Outlets do age with use and can pose electrical safety hazards, most notably fires.  Receptacles in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways often see the highest wear, since electronics and small appliances are frequently plugged into them. Outlets that show signs of burning or melting need to be replaced immediately, since they indicate serious problems.

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