Promoting safety is an important part of the electrical services in Cincinnati provided by Apollo Home Heating, Cooling, Electric and Plumbing. In summer, the danger from power lines downed by a storm or other causes is real. People are out and about more in warm conditions. Meanwhile, pleasant summer weather can rapidly turn severe with heavy rains and wind, as well as lightning. All these factors make downed power lines and electrical outages more common in summer. Here are some recommendations to stay safe during this time of year:

Make the Safe Assumption

Whenever and wherever you encounter a downed or dangling line of any sort, assume that it’s a power line that poses an immediate safety threat. Every year, people are electrocuted by coming into contact with downed power lines which they wrongly assumed were harmless telephone lines or cable TV lines. Or they incorrectly thought that a power line carried no electricity because it was lying on the ground or broken and dangling overhead. Power lines can be fully energized and instantly deadly, no matter where they are.

Keep Your Distance

An energized power line can arc as much as 10 feet through the air and electrocute anyone within that distance. In wet conditions common after a rainstorm — such as standing on wet grass — the danger from arcing is even greater. The best advice is to stay at least 10 feet away (ideally as far away as possible) from any downed lines.

Take Care on the Road

Don’t drive over downed lines. However, if your vehicle comes in contact with a downed line, don’t get out — the surrounding ground may be energized and hazardous. Warn others to remain a safe distance from your car. Call 911 to report your location and get help.

It’s an Emergency

Because they pose a clear and present danger to the public, don’t wait until you can contact the local utility to report downed power lines. It’s best to call 911 immediately.

For summer safety tips and electrical services in Cincinnati year-round, contact the professionals at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling, Electric and Plumbing.