Today, a large majority of homes feature a storage tank water heater. Although a lot of interest has been shown in modern tankless heaters, storage tank water heaters are really convenient and nice to have during power outages. Take a look at some more advantages of using a storage tank water heater versus a tankless water heater and you’ll see that choosing a storage tank heater may be the best option for your Cincinnati home. Not only are they more affordable up front, but most standard gas piping and electrical wiring are more than adequate for initial installation when properly sized.

So why is a storage tank water heater an appealing option for your Bayshore home? Because storage tank water heaters:

  • Eliminate the need for a high output electrical flow: The nice part of utilizing a storage tank heater is that you won’t have to worry about installing costly wiring or a very large gas burner to heat the water.
  • Are now more energy efficient: Over recent years, storage water heaters have become much more energy efficient and have better designed flue dampers to lessen the amount of heat loss via a flue vent. A storage tank heater must maintain hot water even when its not being used and the water inside an energy efficient insulated storage tank ensures that any water drawn off the top will always be at its hottest capacity.
  • Can easily find repair expertise: Since most homes use storage tank water heaters, you’ll find more resources available to maintain and service your home heating needs.
  • Allow “off-peak” electricity to be used: This allows you to lower your electric rates and save money.  This means that your water is heated during off-peak hours where the demand for electric is less through your power company.
  • Can be used with any power source: Tank heaters can be powered by electricity, fuel or oil, providing a convenient option over tankless, which has to be powered by specified electric voltages or required gas pressures.

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