Looking for some ways to save money this winter? Want to make your house more energy efficient? Retrofitting your gas-fired furnace can make it more energy efficient, saving you money and keeping you toasty warm on these cold winter nights.

Here are a few ways of retrofitting your gas-fired furnace that you might consider:

  • Vent dampers: Adding a vent or flue damper keeps heat from escaping up the chimney by closing the boiler’s vent when it isn’t firing. Larger boilers benefit more from this retrofit than smaller ones, and a vent damper may not be cost-effective if you have a newer, properly sized furnace model.
  • Intermittent-ignition devices: If you have an older furnace or boiler that has a continuous pilot light, it can be retrofitted with an intermittent-ignition device. This device will light the boiler only when necessary, reducing fuel consumption.
  • Modulating aquastats: The water in your boiler is typically kept at 180 degrees when heating needs are not as heavy, like in the spring and fall. A modulating aquastat senses the outdoor temperature and lowers the holding temperature in the boiler, improving overall efficiency.
  • Time-delay relay: When this device is installed in your heating system, the relay sends a signal to circulate hot water throughout the system without igniting the boiler. After a certain amount of time the boiler will turn on.

Any one (or all) of these retrofits can improve the efficiency of your heating system, resulting in lower monthly bills and increased home comfort. Retrofitting your gas-fired furnace should only be done by a licensed HVAC professional. If you have any additional home comfort questions or would like to schedule a time to get an estimate, please feel free contact one of our experts at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.

Image via Shutterstock.com