Sometimes plumbing services in Cincinnati mean a simple fix. Other times, plumbing replacement is what’s required in a residence. Residential plumbing doesn’t come with a lifetime guarantee, unfortunately. If you keep your house long enough—or you’ve just moved into an older residence—you may notice certain signs that mean you’ll need plumbing replacement now or in the near future. Sometimes these are subtle annoyances you’re simply putting up with. Others are warnings of major malfunctions that require immediate plumbing services in Cincinnati. Here are some signs to be aware of that plumbing replacement may be required in your home:

  • Low water pressure. Bath and shower pressure is feeble, the washing machine takes forever to fill and flushing a toilet in one part of the house interrupts water flow everywhere else. The most likely cause in older residences is galvanized steel supply lines that have become gradually clogged with mineral deposits like calcium carbonate. Because mineral deposits also accelerate corrosion, these pipes are also at greater risk to rupture at any time. Replacing supply lines with modern copper pipe or PEX tubing is required to restore proper pressure.
  • Discolored water. Water that appears rusty or brown often indicates corrosion and/or accumulation of mineral deposits in pipes. Generally, this is a system-wide problem that is rarely limited to just one individual water line in the house. Therefore, replacement of supply pipes is the only way to clear up the water supply and get sparkling clear water again.
  • Evidence of leakage. Leakage from water supply lines is not “normal” and should never be ignored. Tiny pinhole leaks on pipes in the house may appear minor. However, they are often a red flag that indicates acute corrosion hidden inside the pipe—a condition that could result in a catastrophic pipe rupture that inundates your home with hundreds of gallons of water. Since all the supply lines in your home are generally the same age, repiping is called for to ensure that the entire system is reliable again.

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