Damage from frozen pipes in your home can cause a real financial meltdown. Here are some steps to take to make sure you do not have to deal with frozen pipes this winter.


  • Do not let your thermostat dip below 55 degrees. Keep in mind that includes making sure your home is heated even while you are away.


  • Keep water moving. Water standing inside pipes can be subject to freezing. Allow a slight drip from a faucet farthest from your main water valve to keep that water active.


  • Identify pipes with direct exposure to the outdoors and insulate them against the elements.


  • Insulate pipes in unheated areas like the garage of the unfinished basement area.


  • Prepare outdoor spigots and sprinkler systems for freezing temperatures by shutting off the water supply and bleeding the lines. Keep the valve open so any remaining water can expand without causing a break.


  • During extreme temperatures, open cupboards, closets, and vanities to expose the pipes inside to the room temperature to help keep them from freezing.


  • Keep your garage doors closed. That helps with another barrier to the outside weather temperatures.


  • Consider adding insulation to attics, basement and crawl spaces.


  • Conserve heat inside the home by sealing cracks and drafts around windows and doors and around electrical wiring and dryer vents.


When falling temperatures bring a chill in the air, remember your home’s pipes get cold too. A few precautions when it comes to preventing frozen pipes will save costly repairs from a burst pipe. If your pipes do begin to freeze you can wrap warm towels around them or use a space heater or even a hair dryer to thaw them. When using these methods make sure you continue to monitor the situation and never leave the space unattended. In the case that your pipes do burst you will need a professional to repair them so call Apollo Home. We are Cincinnati’s top-rated plumbing repair service and we are ready to serve you no matter when disaster strikes!