One of the frequent calls we get for electrical services in Cincinnati is for problems stemming from rodent electrical damage. Rats, mice and squirrels like to munch on electrical wiring routed through attics and inside wall voids. Experiments to formulate wire insulation that was distasteful to rodents have been largely unsuccessful. Therefore, most experts believe it’s not because rodents like the taste of wiring, but probably an instinct to sharpen their teeth.

Rodent Chewing Wiring Hazards

Whatever the reason, chewed wiring is no laughing matter. It can cause electrical outages and dangerous short circuits. It’s believed that rodent damage may be a major reason for house fires in which no other definite cause can be determined. To reduce the likelihood that you’ll need electrical services in Cincinnati to repair rodent damage to wiring, here are some suggestions to prevent it:

Tips to Prevent Rodent Damage to Wiring

  • Seal exterior holes and crevices that allow rodents into your attic or the interior of wall spaces. Typically, they enter to escape winter cold, then breed indoors. Depending on the size of the hole, spray foam insulation or masonry repair may be used to fill it. For large holes in drywall, the material will need to be patched.
  • Cut back tree limbs within 10 feet of your roof or the siding of your home. Squirrels can easily jump that far and rats are adept at leaping down from higher limbs that extend above the roof.
  • Inspect and clean attics and crawl spaces at regular intervals. Your occasional presence in these often neglected areas can discourage rodents from nesting. It also provides the opportunity to notice early signs of rodents before the population becomes very large.
  • Get a wiring evaluation by a professional. A qualified electrician knows the routing of house wiring and how to access and inspect all spans to check for telltale signs of rodent damage. Also make sure to inform an electrician of any electrical problems, like unexplained outages in parts of the house or tripped circuit breakers.

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