Over time, the exterior of your home will inevitably collect dirt, stains, grime and perhaps even mold and mildew. This can degrade your home’s visual appeal and create an unhealthy environment. But just thinking about cleaning up such a mess can be exhausting. That’s where a power washer comes in. By power washing your home, you can remove the dirt and grime more effectively and in much less time than scrubbing. Even better, you can hire a trusted handyman to do the job for you. Find out what to expect, and how power washing your home can really improve curb appeal.

What to Expect

Preventative power washing keeps your home looking nice and helps prevent problems. In general, you can expect the following from a pro handyman when power washing your home:

  • A handyman knows the proper water pressure needed to effectively clean the various surfaces around your property, ensuring it won’t cause damage by being too strong or positioned too close.
  • A pro also understands the proper techniques and the right spray tips to use on the different areas. For example, it’s best to use a continuous sweeping motion and a medium pressure spray on decks. Siding is usually cleaned with a low pressure spray.
  • Your home will be power washed from head to toe. By starting at the top and moving downward, the dirt can flow away more efficiently. If done in the opposite order, the dirt can be sprayed back up onto the area that was just cleaned.
  • If you have a porch, patio or deck, it will be washed after removing the dirt and mildew from your exterior walls to push any debris away from your house. If there are any stubborn spots, a cleaning solution may be used.

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