Giving your dog or cat the freedom to come inside and outside on its own provides a long list of benefits for the animal, both physically and emotionally. If you’re thinking about installing a pet door, consider the factors that will affect your pet, energy costs, safety and budget.

  • The type. Pet doors are made from materials with different thicknesses. If you’re considering one for a dog, choose the thickness based on its propensity to chew. You may want a thicker door if you have a larger dog or one that habitually gnaws on objects.
  • The placement. Pet doors are available that fit into sliding glass doors and walls. Putting the door into a patio door is often the easiest and most convenient, especially if your door operates smoothly.
  • Its operation. If your yard isn’t fenced and the pet door is simply a flap on hinges, other pets or wild animals can enter your home out of curiosity or the need for food. Pet doors are available that operate magnetically or electronically. You place a small magnet or computer chip on the pet’s collar and the only animals that can come in or go out must have the device on the collar. Although it’s possible to break into such a pet door, it will discourage intruders.
  • Its size. The door should be sized to accommodate the largest pet in your home, and the smallest pet should be capable of pushing it open with its head.
  • Energy efficiency. Taking into account the door’s energy efficiency before installing a pet door can save you money on cooling and heating bills. Some flap doors allow a good deal of air to infiltrate your home, driving up energy costs. Dual-flap pet doors offer better air sealing, as does a locking solid panel door. The latter also gives you control over when you want your pet outside.

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