With summer fun just around the corner, sprucing up your Greater Cincinnati area home becomes a priority. If you plan to entertain friends and extended family on your deck, now’s the time to hire a handyman for professional deck cleaning. Some spring cleaning chores are definitely in the do-it-yourself category, but power washing a deck may not be among them. 

Safety First

Because much of your deck has horizontal, water-catching boards, water can soak into the wood, leading to mold, mildew and rot. Deck cleaning with a power washer can blast away mold and mildew, leaving the once-slick surfaces safe to walk on. It can uncover rotten areas, too, so steps can be taken to preserve the wood.

Why Go Pro?

Professional cleaning involves power washing with a high-pressure spray system. Unless you have handled such a machine before, you do not want to learn on your own deck. The water exits the sprayer so forcefully it can not only blast away dirt and grime; it can actually gouge deep scratches in your deck boards. It can tear into toes, too. Leave power washing to a professional handyman; the handyman assumes all the risk and knows how to use the equipment.

Deck cleaning with a power washer is more efficient and thorough than hand scrubbing. It takes less time and produces better results than hand washing.

Why Get Your Deck Cleaned?

Of course, months after you pay for profesional cleaning, it may look dirty again. But the benefits are tangible:

  • You add to your deck’s longevity
  • You preserve home value
  • After professional cleaning, you probably will want to apply a sealing agent or stain to keep it looking great for the next few years
  • A newly cleaned deck will remind you of how enjoyable it was to spend time outside
  • You can recapture that inviting party space or outdoor area for a family dinner

Once you see the results of deck cleaning, you’ll be happy you spent a small amount to gain a lot of leisure time on your deck. To talk about deck cleaning outside your Cincinnati area home, please contact us at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.

Image via Shutterstock.com