Because the Cincinnati climate can leave you with such high heating and cooling bills, minimizing your energy use is critical for keeping household expenses reasonable. Energy savings throughout the house is simple when you take things step by step.


Because air leaks around doors and windows can warmth from the furnace slip out, use caulk and weatherstripping as appropriate to seal these leaks. To better maintain your home’s temperature, consider adding insulation to the attic, walls and floors. Duct joints should be sealed and ducts in uninsulated spaces wrapped with insulation. Upgrading to Energy Star-qualified windows help, too.


Air sealing, sufficient insulation, well-maintained ducts and energy-efficient windows also help keep your home cooler and less humid in summer. To keep even more heat out, hang drapes and awnings.

On mildly warm days, consider leaving the air conditioner off and using ceiling fans instead. When you do turn on the A/C, using ceiling fans simultaneously lets you lower the thermostat several degrees to save money without a loss of comfort.

Hot Water

If your home’s water heater tank is warm to the touch, install an insulation blanket. Flush the tank per the manufacturer’s instructions to keep the system efficient and extend its life span. Install WaterSense-labeled shower heads and faucets to reduce hot water use.


Switching to energy-efficient lighting such as halogen incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is one of the simplest methods of achieving energy savings throughout the house. Use timers to avoid accidentally leaving lights on.

Appliances and Electronics

Put related electronics, such as those in an entertainment center, on a power strip to make it easy to turn them all off at once. Dust on the refrigerator’s evaporator coils impairs efficiency, so regularly vacuum them clean. Wash clothes in warm or cool water instead of hot. Avoid using the dishwasher’s “pre-rinse” setting, and use the “water miser” and “no heat dry” settings when practical.

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