Homeowners utilize handyman services to install motion sensor lights. These LED arrays illuminate outdoor areas efficiently and only when light is actually required. Ever-increasing electricity rates make leaving manually-switched lights on for hours prohibitive. Moreover, flooding the yard, garage, driveway or patio with continuous light usually isn’t necessary for adequate security. Infrared motion sensor lights detect the motion of humans and automatically energize LED arrays that produce bright, white light, particularly suitable for thoroughly illuminating dark outdoor areas. Home security experts cite five reasons to have an experienced handyman install motion sensor lights on your property:

  1. Superior efficiency – Utilizing light emitting diodes (LEDs) instead of incandescent bulbs or a fluorescent tube, LED light arrays are the gold standard for low electrical consumption. An LED light bulb that consumes only 6 to 8 watts of electricity delivers as much light as a standard 60-watt incandescent bulb or a 15-watt compact fluorescent.
  2. Switchless lighting – Venturing into a darkened garage or a patio area can be hazardous even if the light switch is just a few feet away. A motion sensor light immediately senses your presence and turns on the light faster than you could stumble to the switch. When you’re safely back inside, the light turns off after a pre-set interval.
  3. Crime deterrence – House burglars prefer two conditions: A residence where nobody’s home and an unlit spot to break in. Motion sensor lights activate automatically to create the impression of an occupied house. Well-lit premises also deprive burglars of the cover of darkness.
  4. Universal installation – LED lights function well under all conditions. Compact fluorescents take longer to reach full brightness in cold temperatures. Incandescent lights burn out frequently, making bulbs mounted in high or difficult-to-reach fixtures a chore to replace.
  5. Adjustments – LED motion sensor lights incorporate adjustable sensitivity. Most models offer controls that modify both the range of the sensor and the size of the targets that activate the light. This reduces unwanted activation from small animals or distant movements off your property.

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