A fence is just a fence, or is it? When selecting a fence for your home, consider what function you need a fence to perform and how it will work with your home and neighborhood. Make these decisions before scheduling your fence installation.

Here are four tips you can use to select the best fencing for your needs:

  • Decide needed functionality – Some people want additional privacy, while others want to contain the kids or a dog. Maybe you want a firmer barrier between you and some nosy neighbors. If you want privacy, wood or vinyl panels are an easy solution. To contain children or pets, an aluminum or wooden picket fence may be the answer.
  • Determine upkeep and repairs – Compared to other fencing types, wood fences need more upkeep. You’ll need to stain or paint it every couple years. An aluminum or vinyl fence requires little upkeep. Wood fences are easier to fix if damage occurs. You can take off broken slats and replace them with new ones. Aluminum or vinyl fences are often not as easy to fix. If you have one or two panels damaged, you may find that the manufacturer no longer makes that style of fence. You may need to replace the entire fence.
  • Know your restrictions – If you belong to a homeowners’ association, check the by-laws to find out what kinds of fencing are allowed. Some communities only allow certain materials, while other restrict height and setbacks. Also, check with your local code enforcement agency to see if there they have any restrictions.
  • Pick the right contractor – Installing a fence seems like a DIY project. However, to install the fence correctly, you need special equipment. It also takes a great deal of back-breaking work. A contractor has all the equipment and the manpower to do the job properly. Check the contractor’s licensing, insurance and bonding, and verify the contractor’s references and that they will pull all permits.

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