Like anything we use on a regular basis, furnaces benefit greatly from regular maintenance. While furnace maintenance requires the assistance of a professional, there are also things you can do to keep your furnace working at its best. If you’re wondering what can you do to keep your furnace running smoothly during the cold Midwestern winter, here are a few tips to get you started.

Air Filters

Take the time every month to check your HVAC system air filter. (An important safety guideline is to turn off your furnace and fuel supply before inspecting and removing components.) Cleaning or replacing filters can help to reduce stress on your system. Make sure to:

  • Check for excessive dirt or buildup
  • Clean permanent filters by following manufacturer instructions
  • Replace filters as soon as dust has begun accumulating.

Overall Inspection

While you might not be a professional, most homeowners can spot something that doesn’t look quite right. Regularly check simple things such as ducts, seals and joints, and make sure the screws are in place.


Two great ways to assure safety in your home is to have a carbon monoxide (CO) detector installed in your home. Also make sure to keep the area around your furnace clear of clutter and clean.

For any other routine furnace maintenance, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We proudly serve homeowners throughout greater Cincinnati.