Although there are times when it’s unavoidable to use professional drain clearing and cleaning services in Cincinnati, it is possible to reduce the chances of clogged drainpipes. Being careful with waste disposal keeps the drain lines flowing, and not only does it avoid the inconveniences of plugged plumbing fixtures, it saves time and money.

In the Kitchen

  • Always use cold water when putting oily or greasy food down the disposal, or even better, put excessive fats in the garbage.
  • Coffee grounds should be put in the trash or into the compost pile. When they flow through the pipes, they clump up instead of flushing all the way to the sewer line and are a leading cause of clogged pipes.
  • Do not put raw potato peelings or cooked rice down the garbage disposal. They contain starch that will gum up the drainpipes.
  • Pour boiling water down the garbage disposal and sink drain once a week. It will loosen small deposits before they have a chance to clump.

In the Bathroom

If anyone in your home has long hair, check the tub or shower drain frequently and pull the excess out with a small pair of pliers or tweezers. Soap, toothpaste, hair and hard water all combine to form deposits in the pipes that may require drain clearing and cleaning services in Cincinnati.

Never flush anything in the toilet unless its packaging says it’s safe to flush, like baby wipes or paper towels. Before flushing kitty litter, be sure it’s flushable. Not all will dissolve fast enough, and could end up creating a serious blockage in the drain or sewer line.

In the Laundry

Liquid laundry soaps cause fewer drain clogs than powders because they dissolve in any water temperature. Sometimes small objects, like socks, can slip over the washer’s tub and clog its drainpipe. Placing small articles of clothing into small zippered laundry bags prevents them from draining out of the tub.

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