Cincinnati summers often bring sweltering heat, made worse by high humidity. Running your air conditioner may keep temperatures bearable, but doing this rarely removes enough moisture from the air to keep you comfortable. Choosing a home dehumidifier helps solve this moisture-related comfort issue.

How They Work

A dehumidifier draws in air from the home. Inside the unit, this air flows over cooled coils and moisture from the air condenses upon these coils. The science behind this is similar to what happens to a glass of ice water in the summer, when water condenses on the outside of the glass.  In the next step, the cool dry air is re-warmed and channeled back into the home. The humidifier performs this cycle until humidity levels are brought down to an acceptable, far more comfortable level. You can choose from portable units or whole-house dehumidifiers, but for handling the humidity found in this region, a whole-house system is usually the best choice.

How They Increase Comfort

High humidity makes a warm day feel hot and a hot day feel sweltering. This happens because moisture in the air prevents sweat from evaporating, and sweat evaporation is one of the body’s primary cooling mechanisms. By choosing dehumidifier installation, you will keep your home at the recommended 30 to 50 percent humidity, which translates to feeling cooler and more comfortable.

Besides making your home feel cooler, dehumidifiers improve indoor air quality by decreasing allergens. High humidity attracts mold growth and provides a happy environment for pests such as dust mites. Both mold and dust mites create allergic responses in many people. Even in the absence of allergies, some people find it harder to breathe in heavy, humid air but breathe easier when indoor air is dehumidified.

Moisture in the air also affects wood furnishings and wood features because wood swells in damp air. High indoor humidity is also to blame for stains and musty odors from mold and mildew throughout the home.

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