With Cincinnati schools starting soon, and virtual learning on everyone’s minds, it’s time to think, is your house ready?

Apollo Home has aced the test and can help you too.  Read or top 5 ways to prepare your home “school” for success!


  1. Indoor Air Quality 

With more time spent indoors, make sure the air you breathe is clean, free of pollutants, and as the right humidity levels!  If your family has been complaining of scratchy throats, or itchy skin, your home could be the culprit!  Schedule an indoor air quality test today!


  1. Properly Powered?

Is your home ready to take on the additional power needs of your family working and studying from home?  With multiple laptops, printers, and lighting, you might need additional power.  If your lights are frequently flickering, or circuits tripping, you might want to consider a Panel Upgrade.


  1. Surge Protection

Whole-Home Surge Protection is a must to protect your computers, appliances, and electronics from an unsuspected surge.  One nearby thunderstorm can cause destruction, and prevention is easy.


  1. Charged Up?  Consider USB Outlets

With all our family’s devices in need of simultaneously charging, installing USB Outlets are an easy way to keep peace in the household.


  1. Water Quality

Is your drinking water free of bacteria or nitrates?  Or are you on a well and don’t get your water regularly tested?  It is a good idea to have an expert perform the test and give you best solutions for your household.


Apollo Home is ready to help you and your home be at it’s best during this transition to back to “home” learning.  Skip the school clothes shopping and prepare your study spaces for success!