Constructing a two-story addition requires planning, especially when it comes to heating and cooling the space.

Actually, you have a number of effective options to consider, ranging from an entirely new heating and cooling system for both the new and the old sides of the house to equipment dedicated to heating and cooling the new space only.

Heating and cooling the entire home

If your existing heating and cooling system is relatively old and inefficient, consider the value of a larger system to service the entire home. You can choose a more energy-efficient system, which may help to offset the cost of the larger system. When you’re planning to remodel, you’ll need to take into account the feasibility and cost of running ductwork to the new space.

Installing equipment to service the new space

If it’s not cost-effective to purchase one system for the entire home, evaluate your options for heating and cooling the new space only. Your options include:

  1. A separate HVAC system to serve the addition. This won’t cost as much as a new system for the entire house, but you’ll still need  to extend your ductwork into the new space, which will add to the cost of the project.
  2. A ductless mini-split. This system that doesn’t require ductwork at all and could be the most cost-effective choice. Ductless mini-split heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, and you can have as many as four indoor air handlers connected to one outdoor condenser.
  3. Radiant heating and cooling. Installed under the floor, this type of system scores high in terms of comfort, as it doesn’t require ductwork, nor does it emit strong blasts of air. Instead, heat radiates from the heating element, warming up surfaces throughout the room. Radiant systems are also highly efficient. Once they heat up, they remain at a stable temperature for long periods of time.

Choosing the best heating and cooling option for your two-story addition requires expert help. At Apollo Home Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we’re happy to assist our Cincinnati neighbors with installation, maintenance and repairs.

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