Keeping rain gutters running free without a gutter guard installation usually involves one of two things: a dangerous DIY experience on a high ladder and a slick wet roof, or the considerable expense to pay somebody else to do it. Clogged rain gutters can be a year-round nuisance—from routine leaves and debris or nesting birds and rodents to frozen standing water in winter. 

Gutter guards incorporate a mesh material that fits over the top of existing residential gutters, filtering the input. Instead of spilling over the rim of the clogged gutter, water or snowmelt from the roof passes freely into the gutters and drains through the downpipe, safely away from the foundation and basement.

Here are five additional benefits of a gutter guard installation:

  1. Fewer clogs – All the usual suspects in cases of clogged gutters are excluded by the straining action of the mesh design. This includes the larger debris, like leaves and sticks, as well as vermin that may inhabit gutters. Because the gutter system flows freely as designed, standing water is also minimized. This eliminates the breeding ground for mold and mildew, as well as mosquitoes that may be carriers of West Nile virus.
  2. Rust prevention – Chronic standing water and wet, sodden clogs of leaves and other material incite rust and corrosion of gutters. When gutters are protected by gutter guards, they drain freely and dry out between rains.
  3. Easier maintenance – Cleaning after every major rain or snow event is usually unnecessary.  Semi-annual cleaning is usually sufficient.
  4. Fewer freeze-ups – When standing water in gutters freezes, it can expand and may damage the gutter. It also blocks the free flow of water as the ice melts, causing damaging gutter overflows. Clog-free gutters drain standing water and prevent freeze-ups.
  5. Fire prevention – When gutters fill with dried organic debris, they create a fire hazard in the event of windblown sparks or other source of ignition. Burning material in gutters rapidly spreads flames to the roof and walls of the home. Clean gutters are not flammable.

For more benefits of a gutter guard installation, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.

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