Fall is the season for contacting a professional gutter cleaning service in Cincinnati. Most home maintenance experts advise cleaning the gutters twice a year, at the outset of fall and spring when gutter dysfunction is most likely.

Gutters are more than just an appendage to conveniently divert water off the roof. Here are some reasons why a gutter cleaning service in Cincinnati is an important part of seasonal home maintenance in the fall.

Autumn means falling leaves. Organic debris like leaves and twigs accumulate in the gutter, obstructing the free flow of water. At the first rain or snow-melt, clogged gutters overflow and a waterfall encircles your home.?

Overflowing gutters cause structural damage. The exterior siding of your home is designed to resist exposure to raindrops—not a continuous cascade of water from an oveflowing gutter above. Water flowing down the exterior penetrates the siding and causes damage to the interior of the wall structure as well as triggers toxic mold growth.

Instead of being safely conveyed away from the house by functional gutter downspouts, the additional effect of water pooling on the ground adjacent to the home may cause infiltration into the foundation and/or basement walls.

Blocked gutters deform and deteriorate. Gutter supports aren’t designed to withstand the continuous weight of standing water in a clogged gutter. Obstructed gutters may bend, pull loose from mountings, and eventually collapse. Rust and corrosion due to constant presence of water in the gutters may also cause leakage.

Gutter water turns toxic. Stagnant, standing water inside clogged gutters forms a breeding ground for insects, attracts vermin, such as rodents, and provides a perfect environment for algae and mold growth.

Cleaning gutters properly can be difficult, hazardous work that requires professional expertise and equipment not available to the average do-it-yourselfer. Balancing on a ladder or attempting to stand on a wet, sloping roof while removing heavy amounts of saturated, decomposing leaves presents obvious safety hazards.

Contact the gutter cleaning service in Cincinnati offered by Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing today to get the job done safely and swiftly.