While garages were originally designed to house vehicles, they’ve become an extension of many homes, doubling as a storage area. Whether you’re finding yourself with barely enough room to park or just wanting to make better use of this space, read on for some great garage organization tips to help reach your goal.

  1. Map it out. Start with a clear plan to help you visualize the end result, determine what type of supplies you’ll need, and assist in keeping your project on track. Measure the space and map it out to see where you have room for items such as shelving or wall racks to help keep things off the ground.
  2. Purge. Be ruthless and clear your garage of unwanted or unneeded items. Gather three boxes or containers, labeling one “keep,” another “donate” and the third “garbage/recycle.” Depending on the scope of the project, work in stages until you’ve weeded out the junk and are left with only the items that you need. Check for air leaks to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide (CO) from vehicle fumes or hazardous chemicals.
  3. Group like with like. Using your garage floor or driveway, group items together based on season, frequency of use or ease of access. Decide what will need to go in bins, hang on the wall or be suspended from the ceiling for the ultimate in garage organization, and install the necessary materials.
  4. Put it all away. Transparent bins with lids keep things neat and dry while allowing you to view the contents. If you opt for opaque containers, be sure to label them clearly. Items such as bicycles or snow tires can be hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling using a pulley system to keep them out of the way.
  5. Safety first. Store hazardous materials such as fertilizer, paint or pesticide out of reach of children, and place dangerous items such as sharp tools up high or in a locked cabinet.

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