The forced air furnace is the most commonly installed heating system in the United States. As both a heating and cooling system, forced air has remained at the head of the heating and cooling world for decades, even after different technologies, heating techniques and furnace options have entered the market. While it’s a commonplace feature in many homes, most homeowners don’t necessarily understand why forced air furnaces are good choices. 

Why Forced Air?

Forced air heating systems are economical to install and have multiple purposes. Because they rely on ductwork and vents, the system can also be used to cool the home. Some even include a whole-house vacuum system. In short, the ducts and vents lend themselves well to alternative uses.

Forced air is a wise economical choice. A forced air furnace most commonly comes in high efficiency models, which can save homeowners a great deal of money over the course of the year.

Forced air heating systems remain the most popular heating system year after year. Not only do they heat the home quickly and easily, but the air filters help maintain improved indoor air quality. Annual system maintenance is required, however, to keep the furnace operating effectively and efficiently. While an HVAC tech is checking the heat source, ducts and other parts of the heating system, he or she can also keep an eye out for simple issues that would later turn into larger issues.

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