Instead of traveling this holiday season most of us are spending more time at home. That means your home just might be working a little bit harder this holiday. Make sure your home is ready with these easy tips!



  1. Warm it up or keep it cool?

While our Cincinnati weather trends on the chilly side, warmer days still peek through. Is your HVAC system ready for the thermostat battle? Now is a good time to have your heating and air conditioning system serviced so you aren’t caught in the cold.


  1. Leave the light on

Daylight savings time just ended meaning we are entering into longer evening hours with less daylight. Make sure your outdoor lights are up to the task this holiday season. Check that your functional lighting wiring is in good condition and lights are positioned properly so your home can be accessed by visitors safely. Do you have security or landscape lighting installed?  If not, now is a good time.  Also, adding holiday lighting is festive, but make sure it is rated for outdoors and your electrical outlets can handle the load.


  1. Eleven Pipers Piping

Your pipes might not be humming a holiday carol with all the work they will handle this holiday season. A small gurgling or slow drain problem now can turn into a major problem when handling holiday demands. Have an expert diagnose, repair and maintain your home’s drains and sewer line so you don’t have a holiday breakdown.


  1. That little light of mine

Sometimes a little light can help set the mood. Dimmer switches can make the lighting you have less harsh and create a better atmosphere. A professional electrician can install dimmer switches on your current light switches or add additional recessed lights to make a room more inviting.


  1. Surge On

Electrical surges can happen when we least expect it.  But one surge can destroy your expensive electronics. It might be time to look at Whole-Home Surge Protection Services. With so much reliance on our electronics for social gatherings and even schoolwork, investing in what is essentially a secondary home insurance policy for your expensive electronics and appliances is a smart idea.


The holiday season creeps up quickly. Make sure your home isn’t surprised. Call Apollo Home today for your reliable HVAC, drain, plumbing and electrical services. One company, one call.