Your home is your sanctuary and as such, you desire privacy, safety and quiet. A privacy fence keeps neighbors out of your business, gives children and pets boundaries, and adds to your overall landscape appeal. With fence maintenance and repair, you insure that your privacy fence lasts for years.

While most privacy fences are made of wood, there are other, lower-maintenance options available such as vinyl and composite. Whatever material you choose for your fence, once installed, it defines your property line while keeping neighbors out, but children and pets inside safely. A privacy fence is an ideal background for landscaping and various shrubs and plants enhance the overall appearance.


Fence maintenance and repair is an ongoing task, even for vinyl fencing. Wooden fences require scraping, re-staining or repainting every couple of years, depending on how harsh weather has affected the finish. A privacy fence also needs regular evaluation for loose or protruding nails, damaged boards, and fence panels that have fallen out of alignment. Ultimately, the main goal of a privacy fence is to provide seclusion from neighbors, if it’s in bad shape it becomes an unpleasant eyesore for everyone.

Fencing Considerations

Before you install or expand a privacy fence, check with your local zoning office or homeowner’s association to inquire about fencing restrictions for your neighborhood. There are often restrictions on the height of a fence, its distance from your property line and acceptable appearance.

To insure you know where your property lines are, invest in a professional survey so you don’t encroach on a neighbor’s lot. Also, avoid planting trees close to privacy fences, as branches that extend onto a neighbor’s property cause issues, especially if a storm sends broken branches over the fence.

Installing and maintaining a privacy fence is a major undertaking, unless you trust an experienced handyman. Contact Apollo Home to schedule all kinds of home comfort and home improvement tasks around your Cincinnati home.

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