Are you tired of poor results after cleaning your indoor space rugs? Dust is more than just the physical particles seen by bare eyes. Dust is made up of microscopic mites that can spread everywhere in your room. Fortunately, you can get rid of dust and dust mites using a bit of dust-busting strategy. Here are some dust-busting strategies that will help you remove the dust and improve the quality of indoor air.

Ensure Filters Are Working Properly

Make sure to use properly functioning filters for your furnace. The best way to bust dust is by attacking its mode of transport. Replacing your air filter will improve the absorption rate. This not only helps with indoor air quality, it also prevents particulates from getting inside your furnace components, which can increase the lifespan of your system.

Turn on Your Furnace Fan

When vacuuming, you stir up dust. This is why you should turn on your furnace fan for about 15 minutes after dusting. This helps to trap a substantial amount of dust, improving the quality of indoor air in your house or office.

Use Electrostatic Charged Rags

Feather dusters only give an impression of cleaning, but the truth is that they just move the dust from one place to the next. Electrostatic rags actually pick up the dust, allowing you to remove it from the home. This makes an impact on indoor air quality.

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