When problems develop with a toilet in your home, it can cause frustration, unnecessary mess and costly water waste. The following tips can help you diagnose what’s wrong so you’ll know how to explain the issue when you call a trusted plumber for a toilet repair in Cincinnati.

Constant Running

When a toilet continues to run after the tank fills with water, the float or fill valve isn’t functioning properly. A constantly running toilet is not only irritating, it can waste thousands of gallons of water a month. If adjusting the float doesn’t solve the problem, the fill valve needs to be replaced.

Clogs and Blockages

If a toilet won’t flush, there’s a clog or blockage in the trap or drain line. If plunging the toilet doesn’t clear the clog so the water drains out of the bowl, avoid flushing the toilet as this can cause an messy overflow. A licensed plumber can use a toilet snake or auger to clear the blockage.

Slow Flushes

Slow flushes can be caused by a few different problems. The water level in the toilet tank may too high, or the bowl’s inlet holes may be clogged with hard water scale or debris. If the issue is a partially blocked drain line, the next flush could cause a complete blockage and result in an overflow. To prevent this, it’s wise to have a plumber identify and correct the exact cause of the problem.

Tank Doesn’t Fill

If the tank doesn’t refill after a flush, the fill valve has likely failed and stuck shut. To avoid having to use a pail of water to complete each flush, you’ll need to have the fill valve replaced.

Water Leaks

Water seepage from under the toilet usually means the wax seal between the base and sewer line flange needs to be replaced. If there’s water on the floor around the toilet, the rubber washer on the fill valve bolt or tank bolt has likely cracked, allowing water to drip out.

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