With today’s affordable consumer electronics, adding a custom movie theater to your home is more practical than ever. With finishing touches like professional-style home theater lighting, you can create an experience that rivals many commercial theaters, but without the high ticket prices, expensive snacks, disruptive patrons or sticky floors. There are many types of home theater lighting available, and with the right combination, you can create the perfect ambiance to complement your favorite films.

Ceiling Lights

Dimmable ceiling fixtures can provide bright light between movies, and for when the space is being used for other purposes. When you are watching a film, the fixtures can be dimmed to allow enough light to find your way to the snacks or the restroom without being bright enough to interfere with the movie. Options include pendant lights, track lights, recessed lights, domed lights or chandeliers.

Accent Sconces

Like the ceiling lights, accent scones help aid navigation through the room, and with styles ranging from classic to modern, you can find the perfect design to complement your decor. Place a few on each side wall to recreate the classic theater arrangement, or create your own custom design.

LED Rope Lighting

Energy-efficient LED rope lighting, LED strips or fiber-optic lighting can be used to accent walkways, steps, risers and other elements to not only add style, but also to aid navigation and prevent tripping and other accidents.

Custom Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles with built-in lights can create the perfect ambient lighting for your theater with unique and interesting designs such as constellations or geometric patterns.

Mood Lighting

Colored accent lighting can be added around the screen and other key areas to set the mood for the film and enhance the viewing experience. Popular mood lighting kits include remote controls to easily change color profiles.

Task Lighting

Individual lights for each seat can be handy to perform tasks without interfering with other viewers.

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