From wasted water to messy overflows to personal inconvenience, a toilet that doesn’t work correctly can be a significant problem. When your bathroom plumbing system is acting up, you can count on your local trusted handyman to help resolve common toilet issues.

Common Toilet Issues

  • Incomplete or partial flushes: If the toilet doesn’t produce a complete flush the first time, the problem could be in the flapper valve that closes to let the tank refill. It may be closing too fast, or the chain that lifts the flapper may be too long. The water level in the tank may also be too low.
  • Unstable toilet: If the entire toilet itself moves in any direction when someone sits on it, the grout between the toilet and the floor may be missing or weakening. The anchor bolts holding the toilet to the floor may also be weak or coming loose, especially if the flooring itself has been damaged by water. Grout can be replaced and anchor bolts can be retightened. If the floor is damaged, it will probably be necessary to replace some sections of flooring.
  • Water leaks at toilet base: If there is water leaking out at the base of the toilet, it can cause damage to the floor. The cause is usually a broken wax seal between the toilet and the drain pipe flange. The toilet will have to be detached, the wax seal replaced, and the toilet properly reseated by your plumbing expert.
  • Inadequate flushes: If the toilet doesn’t flush with enough force to be effective, the problem may be in the water release holes around the inner edge of the bowl. Your plumbing expert may pour muriatic acid into the system to clean out the clogs, or may use a pointed object to physically clear the holes.

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