Drywall not only helps frame a room, but it also provides a blank canvas for the homeowner. Done correctly, the end result is a seamless finish that becomes one with the rest of the home. There are, however, some common drywall mistakes that can leave you less than satisfied with the results, unless the drywall is installed by a seasoned professional.

Common Drywall Mistakes to Avoid

  • A lack of patience – Not waiting long enough in between coats of mud can lead to problems, as the new mud may not adhere to the old, or the excess moisture from the new coat lifts the tape.
  • Shoddy cleaning techniques – Keeping tools such as the hawk or knife clean is reflected in the end product as leftover dried mud can mar the new finish. Periodic washing with warm water and scraping off residual mud between coats will solve the problem.
  • Poor preparation – One of the most common drywall mistakes during a new build or renovation is the failure to provide a flat plane on which to hang the material. Taking the time to shim the studs to create an even surface will prevent sunken drywall screws, bulges, bumps and shadows or inconsistencies at the seams.
  • A shortage of mud – When using a paper tape, it’s important to begin with a generous layer of mud underneath, removing the excess after the application of the tape. This technique helps guarantee the tape will stick and won’t lift upon application of the second coat.
  • Disregarding the edges – Taking the time to pre-feather the edges with applied pressure on the edge of the knife during mud application and thoroughly sanding seam edges until they’re blurred are the best ways to avoid visible seams after painting.

Avoid common drywall mistakes by hiring a professional handyman. The experts at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing have been providing top quality service to customers in the greater Cincinnati area since 1910.

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