Temperatures in your home can vary from room to room, from level to level and even from one spot in a room to another. The causes of uneven temperatures are many, and solutions can vary, from regular air conditioner and furnace maintenance, to installing the right size HVAC system for your home. The following remedies may cure cold or hot spots in your home.

Do-It -Yourself Solutions

Correct uneven temperatures with simple solutions such as these:

Change air filter. Dirty air filters slow down airflow so that conditioned air can’t reach rooms in the volume needed to cool or heat. Check your filter and change it regularly.

Unblock registers. Have you placed furniture or other obstructions in front of or on top of air registers? Try moving the obstructions and see if the situation improves.

Check return vents. Check return vents for dirt and dust buildup. Use the brush attachment on the vacuum to clean the vents.

Reverse ceiling fan blades. If your ceiling fan blades can be reversed, switch them to go in a clockwise direction in the winter. This pushes warm air from the furnace down to floor level.

Adjust dampers. If your system has dampers, try adjusting them to provide the right amount of conditioned air in each room or level of the house. Do not close them completely.

Professional Solutions

Correct HVAC sizing. Unfortunately, HVAC systems are often sized incorrectly, resulting in uneven heating and cooling of the home. The best time to correct this is when you are looking to replace the furnace or A/C. Have your consultant accurately gauge the correct heating and cooling load, what size equipment is needed, and how much ductwork capacity is needed by using industry software called Manuals J, S and D.

Inspect ductwork. When you schedule A/C or furnace maintenance, have your ductwork inspected for holes and loose segments. You may even repair them yourself with mastic sealant and foil tape.

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