The average garbage disposal is a sturdy beast and typically lasts at least 10 years before it needs replacement. So if you’re shopping for a new one now, it’s probably been some time since you’ve been up-to-date on the subject of garbage disposal technology. Features and benefits have changed quite a bit during that time and you have more choices to make. Here’s how to sort out what’s on the market today:


Higher-end disposals come with inductive motors that are more powerful—at least 1/2 horsepower and ranging up to 1 horsepower. The more powerful the motor, the more grinding power and the less likely you’ll experience jams or drain clogs. Inductive motors are also quieter. Budget-priced disposals typically come with 1/3 horsepower permanent magnet motors. Lower sticker price but higher rpm, meaning noisier and more likely to wear out sooner.

Grind Stages

  • One-stage disposals, usually the least expensive, limit all grinding to a single stage. Food is only ground once before being washed down the drain by water.
  • Two-stage disposals add a second stage that makes the grinding process much finer, basically liquefying many foods. This ensures that the food waste is fully flushed down the drain and reduces the probability of clogs in the disposal or in household drain pipes.
  • A three-stage model is usually the most expensive. In addition to liquefying stages, these disposals have very powerful motors to handle almost any food scraps including tough fibrous materials or hard objects like rib bones. Clogs are virtually eliminated and wear and tear is minimized.

Material Quality

Less expensive disposals are usually constructed with plastic or polymer grind chambers. Top of the line models, however, incorporate grind chambers and other critical components made of stainless steel for optimum corrosion protection, superior resistance to wear and a longer service life. For the lowest noise rating, select a disposal with built-in sound-muffling insulation and baffles, as well as anti-vibration sink mounts to reduce noise levels up to 50% over standard budget-priced units.

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