A ceiling fan installation in Cincinnati can help boost household comfort while lowering heating and cooling bills. Ceiling fans were actually the first electrical indoor comfort device, becoming common in residences during the 1920s. Efficient fans today sip energy and can cost as little as one cent per hour to operate. By supplementing air circulation in the proper direction for the season, a ceiling fan installation in Cincinnati can make your home more comfortable while lowering monthly utility costs.

Ceiling fans move a large volume of air at low velocity. Their slowly rotating paddle-like blades induce gentle air circulation without blowing papers around or making noise. Here’s how a ceiling fan supports your indoor comfort and energy-efficiency in winter and summer.

Ceiling Fans in Winter

As warmth from your furnace enters the livings spaces, the laws of physics quickly take effect. Heat energy naturally rises and accumulates in a layer at the ceiling, radiating into the attic. In winter, running a ceiling fan disrupts the accumulation of heat at the ceiling and continuously pushes it out toward the walls and down into the room, keeping occupants more comfortable. Since you don’t have to bump up the furnace thermostat to compensate for heat loss into the attic, a ceiling fan can reduce heating expenses by up to 15 percent.

During winter, the directional switch on a ceiling fan should be set to the clockwise or “Reverse” setting in order to circulate air properly and augment heating.

Ceiling Fans in Summer

Known as the wind-chill effect, moving air makes any environment feel cooler than it actually is. In summer a ceiling fan makes rooms more comfortable without actually changing the thermometer reading. This allows you to move the air conditioner thermostat up a few degrees. As a rule of thumb, for every degree you increase the thermostat setting, you decrease monthly A/C costs by 1%.

Change the fan directional switch to the counter-clockwise or “Forward” setting in summer. You should be able to feel the breeze when standing directly beneath the fan.

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