When you run into a persistently slow drain, strange noises coming plumbing fixtures, or water backing up from the drains, you may need professional drain and sewer cleaning. While you can probably clear a simple clog using a plunger, snake or plumbing-safe drain cleaners, a plumbing pro can quickly identify and fix more serious problems.

  • Plugged plumbing vent. A clogged plumbing vent will slow or stop your home’s drainage. A toilet that gurgles or bubbles is usually the first indicator of a blockage inside a vent stack. Birds can nest inside them, rodents may get stuck, or dead leaves can collect in the vents over time. The blockage may be sudden or gradual, and unless your roof is easy to access, you may need the expertise of a plumber to evaluate and clear the vents.
  • Tree roots. Whenever a sewer line leaks, either at its fittings or from the line itself, trees naturally seek out the moisture. Over time, the roots can penetrate through the smallest holes in the pipes, eventually growing to the point where they block the line. The fastest way to eliminate them is through professional drain and sewer cleaning. Plumbers can use hydro-jets or special augers to remove the roots.
  • Collapsed sewer pipes. Older homes tend to have more problems with sewer lines that collapse due to rust or rot. If your home was built during WWII, it’s possible that the sewer line was made from Orangeberg, a rigid, tar-paper pipe used instead of cast iron because of the high demand for metal during WWII. Over time, cast iron pipes can also collapse, due to invasive tree roots or corrosion.

Since your home’s drainage and wastewater system isn’t visible to the eye, plumbers use video cameras to identify the blockages and repair them. New techniques and products are available that eliminate the need to trench your yard, which saves time and money.

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